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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 3, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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thank live from the bay area new station this is a kron 4 morning news. if >> a live look from our roof camera spare the air date in effect. we want to begin with look on the east coast where we have heard a girl lapin the shores. >> > the category 2 hurricane when along the coastline now it is wet and windy this service i this is the taste of what the
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entire east coast will feel a address in and drenching rain started socking the coast. it's not expect to make landfall until canada along the eastern seaboard hurricane watches and warnings are in fact. n.c. have declared a state of emergency. >> our national guards activated. >> businesses already taking a beating economically. >> this couldn't come at a worse time. labor day is our last of our weekend for the summer. it's hard. >> hours before the approach they took of manager of the waves which are expected to surge as the work strom goes by. >> got out of school so makes a
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good thing. i'm excited about the wind and rain tariffs >> it will be going along the east coast president barack obama will be getting up of data about their retains a truck tractors and any possible damage. >> live pictures coming in to the newsroom nor n.c. and the other from new jersey the shore line here is a live look on the left-hand side the shoreline near north carolina on the right-hand side alive reporter live shot talking about what it's like in new jersey in north carolina we have high water starting to come and one-2 ft. of water covering roadways there. loose debris floating in the streets. the water is
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starting to get choppy out there. a live picture from maryland showing us that similar scene. they're all watching the hurricane earl. following our local fog the forecast as well westbound 80 looking good will talk with your commute in a moment we do of fog along the peninsula it will be another warm day today. >> 0 lot of places to go might be clear skies out there but there's a fog approaching today the golden gate bridge stockton certainly seeing the fog along the coast this morning it's going to be cooler compared to yesterday we're born to continue with the cool down headed towards your liberty as well. look outside right now is to savor the most part we're clear the fog really started to flout its way and up to the north bay and read around the golden gate bridge area. just kind of weapon
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around the coast we could see that pushed its way and 57 in san francisco and redwood city about 61 degrees oakland this morning about 59 through hayward 61 for fremont. by o'clock our continuing to see sixties may be some '70s as well by about noontime are on o'clock we will want up with '70s and '80s air afternoon highs will bring temperatures in the '90s today so let's go ahead and take a look toward 6:00 a.m. cured fairly warm temperatures in the '70s. afternoon highs 87 santa rosa 88 napa, fairfield 93 degrees today. oakland upper 70's today so much different than yesterday. 87 for hayward los gatos morgan hollow's '90s about 87 first and was saved. a day's through redwood city and town view. 7 day around the bay
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shows cooling trend continuing as we head through the weekend in fact fire sunday in your labor day temperatures and wind in a 80 is mid-70s around the bay mid-50s for the coast not bad of a fourth test we will continue to cool it down as we head into next week. >> 404 this morning multiple murder investigation this morning under way. the husband of one of them women whose body was found. charles is that to appear in court in explosive charges. explosives were found in his home. this is one of several pieces spanning through various cities. they plan to search of land fill in pittsburgh and not sure how it's connected to this research continues for the man missing.
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think more on the altercation between the suspect efren valdemoro and ricardo sales. >> details about the fight between these three men efren valdemoro frederic sallust's and mr. silas the belief riccardo and frederick said it was to attack efren valdemoro them first ricardo confronted efren valdemoro. >> new details about the abuse of relationship between an efren valdemoro cindy tran >> sources tell kron 4 that efren valdemoro girlfriend appeared for her life convinced
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efren valdemoro was going to kill her. she told hercules police about her feelings and fears are before efren valdemoro travel her to death. >> police released for that day she was on her way to work we had issues that we're looking for the suspect at that time. i'm not sure i can't speculate as far as what was said during those meetings or there were concerns >> for >> she met with hercules place several times. a warrant was issued for efren valdemoro arrest in that case. even though police suspected efren valdemoro killed sallust's a connection was not made that cindy tran life was in danger. >> we didn't see the concern for
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cindy tran safety and the suspect was able to locate her and kidnapper. hercules police are working nonstop on the case and this investigation to locate the suspect working with other suspects agencies as well to locate efren valdemoro >> this was the scene outside the salon worse cindy tran worked. her friends and co- workers left flowers at the doorstep. the candle vigil will take place at 7:00 p.m. tonight. stay tune to kron 4 erst continuing developing and bizarre story here we will be at the court house today. latest details coming up coverage continues online as well. all gone to kron will take a ãqw@,quick break and be back.
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we're back again live pictures off north carolina shore we have hurricane carol making its way of the seaboard. the waters are are choppy. we have reports of a one-2 ft. of water and road wades in the header banks of north carolina more on that story as it develops. wall street this morning here's a quick check gone headline stock futures appeared flat this morning up slightly but relief hovering around neutral as investors pulled back ahead of jobless report. on the business front toward gm plans to start trading shares on november 18th shares have to take to rally after an unexpected quarterly profit. and campbell soup will report as well. the gulf oil
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spill bp says its costs now a in the gulf oil spill hit a billion dollars. that includes 399 million to settle claims. 28,000 people and 4000 vessels are still engaged in responding to this bill. bp says noel has spilled since the 18th. 13 workers above the red that caught fire yesterday have been rescued none were it has any major injuries. coastguard says no oil leaked into the gulf this after initial reports of the oil sheen had begun to spread from despite say. the company said the cause of the fire is unknown 7 active wells on the platform-been shut down shortly before the fire broke out. all concourses have open to
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after an overnight evacuation prompted the discovery of an item in a checked bag. authorities detained one person as bomb squads spent an hour or more scoring the airport and passengers. dead bury screened again for 11:00 a.m. back with more moment following are forecast as well as we head into labor day weekend not bad. today a bit cooler than yesterday as we head into the weekend it will cool down a bit more. we will be right back.
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life pictures of the eastern coast our reporter getting ready for report on the left live pictures off the carolina course like hurricane earl is making its way up these coast the eye is not expected to make
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landfall the outer bands are really within the borders actually causing flooding this morning off north carolina as we have reported here 1-2 ft. of water coming onshore flooding some of the streets so they are expecting hurricane force winds to be hitting short we will follow that. any reports will let you know. local forecast as we head into the weekend today a bit of debris break temperature was the bridge yesterday on the weekend it will be cooler still. >> fill in with some fondness well this morning. along the golden gate bridge and the closely. san jose clear shot out there all lot of locations dealing with clear conditions. san jose 53, by noontime 83 the high to 87. here's a look at a
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outside giving you an idea of where the fog is you can see it sitting along the coast this are much different than yesterday we are expecting to push its way inland starting to see fog machine bush moving and through the northern portions of the peninsula. 57 in san francisco san rafael about 61 through oakland upper 50's '50's for hayward. warming it up plenty of '70s out there them as we head towards noon '80s even the '90s as well will talk about 93 3:03 p.m. hour or more locations are getting up into the '90s but it will be cooler them we were yesterday. it's 87 in santa rosa 86 and novato 73 san francisco. oakland upper '70's and we're keeping it in the '80s hayward fremont more and help we could break into the '90s but the low 90s. so your 7 day around the
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bay does continue with a cooling trend every day we will see temperatures drop off by your sunday-monday temperatures getting down into the mid-80s to mid-70s around the bay and mid to low sixties for the closed we will continue to: off through next week. >> quick check on your bridges like me this morning some of hot spots the bay bridge approach moving while traffic on the light side is expected at this hour no problems for the toll plaza rain now nine minutes from the foot of the maze and the san francisco. but to jump over to 92. your commute direction from hayward westbound out to foster city traffic moving at the limit this morning speeds been in 50 mi. and hours across the span. golden gate bridge look at that fog. that's what we have talked
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about the fog hugging the coast making it its way through the gate this morning one set of headlights making its way to san francisco. if you're driving for more and be careful you may run into the thick fog here and there. at this point to 21 minutes from novato down to san francisco. no. traffic in a moment. two suspects in the death of a man in whose decomposed body was found last week are large tears pictures of them officials asking for help finding these. their 62 year-old man while on the right mohammad khan armed and dangerous because they have arrest warrants out for them and past criminal histories as well. call police if you have information on their whereabouts. we are
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expected to learn more about the shooting investigation surrounding this man and true he is behind bars in oakland suspected of shooting todd young officer john john seriously injuring him he is stretched with 10 felonies including chart carjacking and attempted murder. this morning the bay area city shutting down its place to permit because of a severe budget crisis the city of san carlos will rely on the sheriff's department to perform their pleas duties dahlin reports on how the closure affects public safety. >> sink carlos city council voted thursday night to outsource please services to the san mateo sheriff's department the city will shut down 85 year- old please deferment and become the first on the peninsula to contract out police duties. >> police officer said that
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people will not notice any change they say 911 response time will stay the same effect the same officers will continue to patrol the streets they will be turned into deputies sheriffs department will absorb all of the officers many of them working in the same building which will be a sheriff's substation. they have no choice but to close the please determine the small city facing a 3.5 deficit doing so will save $2 million now that city officials have agreed to outsource its pleas services salmon's tales board of supervisors will have to vote on this they will vote later this month sheriffs department is expected to take over october 31st in san carlos on dahlin kron 4 news >> the founder a local steel company was among three people killed in a small plane crash
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yesterday we have a math showing where it went down. bob was his name him in his career from our board the plane in a share a shallow lagoon the pilot was also killed it went down north of the campus we have video the scene it was delayed from fuel leaking from the plane the water's contaminated that lagoon was contaminated by the sewage spill so there is worry about the coli in the water. the plan will be lifted tomorrow by delius faa sending investigators to the scene. 92 year-old bob seen here in the photograph founded steel company in 1954. the latest on jesse duke guard kidnapping case the board the considers compensation is being
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told to reject the claim of j.c. to guardsman mother the victim compensation boards as staff is recommending courts handle the claim from her mother the board meets september 16th will let you know what they find your firefighters hope to cool air over night will help them, a wildfire of tariff the fire broke out yesterday prompting the evacuation of any mallet elementary school the fire is now 10 percent contained. some of the latest in a real picture spirit of for 20 breaking more headlines the moment 60 seconds exactly. golden gate bridge fog low-tech more on that
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if people on alert the have the hurricane will not make landfall fuel scrip the way up the coastline before turning left
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into the of london feared so that is the situation we will let you know if any more damage or injury is reported out of their drinking progressions. world headlines a volcano is showing no signs of quieting down after awakening from 400 years of silence of volcano burst of cash sending office frightened residents into the stretch run fine safety. the eruption of mount san the bond because many says scientists off-guard really. people use a big cultivated sent them running. for safety we have emergency shelters that have been set up the military is on alert there appeared emergency
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service and aid from other countries being readied to send out. 33 miners trapped underground for four weeks will soon be able to see and talk to look once through video crews will lower cables so they can have private conversations turn to be screened they're getting sandwiches and fruit is being sent down after living on liquids for four weeks they may even get a hot meal to try and get that done to them as well. they are using the drug to open an escape road but it could take months before the drought tell can be dropped. robert gates's and courage in cells afghanistan he met with the president's gates also told troops there road will graph of
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them in the battle against insurgents but they will prevail. for 20 5:00 a.m. back with more headlines the moment don't forget we have our programming change tonight nbc will air the giants game so we will air dateline the kron 4 news will follow at 10:00 p.m. dr.phil can be seen at a live look outside and spare the air day in affect our pull to can san mateo bridge will be right
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for 20 6:00 a.m. the ride on westbound 80 traffic is nice and like this morning barely name any companies across in this ban into san francisco. nine minutes from the maze to the city. following the local forecast will get to that in a moment.
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the latest was a hurricane are all some of the latest pictures it slowly weekends passing north carolina's outer banks the wind 105 mi. an hour as the storm had up the eastern coastline will the national hurricane center says weakening forecast is expected they still see it as a large system causing flooding as it approaches southern new england a trouble co-star morning for coastal areas in nova scotia in canada as well for so from north carolina all oil to canada. we had a shot a left-hand side that's north carolina the coastline near the right hand side air reporter getting ready to do a live report out of new jersey so the following it there's well. this as we get any word on damage will let you know also tracking it in our weather center. >> we have a map to give you an
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idea of where it is right now it's about 85 mi. the to the east of north carolina in the outer banks under of high threat level as a hurricane continues to move in a northeasterly direction it can see this wind winds expected to diminish as we head through the next couple of days saturday morning they could down to 85 mi. an hour still strong this makes its way of the seaboard by saturday the winds could get down to 65 mi. an hour currently 105 mullins moving and 18 mi. an hour hurricane tooth. temperatures in our area is 57 for san francisco's same san rafael and also into redwood city starting to warm up in oakland 61. done and to the south bay temperatures and low sixties for my own you san jose also los
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gatos as well we will cool it down today by the 10:00 temperatures in the '60s seeing some '70s out there now warming up quite as quickly as we have seen a copy of '80s may be some 96 the looks at like your afternoon highs will top out into the '90s. temperatures looks like this 87 degrees for center reza 80 the napa very real in concord still seen temperatures in the '90s ran around the bay oakland coming in at 7780 is rare red road city and hayward down and lost goethes morgenthau. 87 percent house said today the like temperatures along the coast will cool off as well. 72 for half moon bay livermore getting up to 93¢ for antioch as well. still it's gonna be much cooler of their teeth looks like the
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warmest temperature is 93 inland spots 77 by the bay this upper 60s for the coast. the weekend could have coastal fog temperatures continued to drop by the end of the weekend in your labor day. >> a check gone your commute the bay bridge approach situation unchanged we do see clouds beginning to thicken up in the skies above your bay bridge approach traffic fine though. nine minutes for macarthur maze to the city. let's see the san mateo bridge. traffic still listen like this artois' minutes from hayward to foster city no problems on a high-rise chp says all clear. golden gate bridge smooth. lonely foggy we have a lot of fog of their this louis blues so sang along the coast pushing through the golden
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gate if you're driving through 1 011 01 b refer and the frog. developing stories this morning strange story multiple murder and investigation today the husband of one of the women whose body was found charles is expected to appear on explosive charges. with materials to make bombs were found in his home where the women's bodies were discovered offs this is one of several pieces of a bizarre case in an increase cities it will search a landfill in pittsburgh not known exactly what connection this has to the case but we do know search is still on for frederick sales. kron 4 is rigid and more has more on what led up to this discovery of >> august 22nd air reveals
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detailed information about a fight that broke beef tween efren valdemoro ricardo and his son frederick. cindy called the police and let the officer taranto the officer her ex- boyfriend efren valdemoro and two roommates were fighting in her room the officers' state when he walked into the room he saw ricardo on top of efren valdemoro who was lying face down on the floor and completely naked. frederick had ahold of his right arm and had the officer asked the three men to stop fighting and hold a record road to leave the room. investigators believe efren valdemoro it was a victim he suffered a black guy efren valdemoro told the officer would to curdle attacked him after riccardo knocked on the bedroom door asking to speak about a letter he wrote to the 73 year- old efren valdemoro broke the
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record low was a lawyer backstab remanded ricardo stay at of his relationship with cindy tran are regarded told the officer efren valdemoro attacked him and his son first appeared six days later he is found beaten to death in his home. this never can't believe it. >> we didn't hear any fights there if they did meet its inside the house. >> no sign of frederick's sales investigators search business park and) hoping to find more clues that will lead them to frederick. and hercules kron 4 news. >> there was a busy day yesterday and another crime scene connected to efren valdemoro there were searching for clues outside his home or to women were found dead kron 4 ears >> autopsies are under way on
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the bodies of these two women whose bodily composed bodies were found tuesday in allen's home the murder investigation is focusing on two men one is ephron who shot and killed by police officers also suspected in the murders of his girlfriend cindy tran and her roommate. the other person is allen's house band. >> we are trying to figure out what charles involvement was and the homicides. he's currently still at the county jail on charges of possession of explosive chemicals. >> the discovered the body and these chemicals chemicals they say are used to make explosives. >> they located a container which was labeled depleted
4:36 am
uranium they are not sure what the item as they cannot confirm or deny that's what it was. >> for these chemicals came from is a mystery. it suggests he works for goodrich propulsion and aerospace contractor. >> after his workplace to look at items they don't believe there from the business. >> to mysteries tried this on one who killed the two women whose bodies were found here and do who is responsible for the chemicals were found and what was the person's intent in regard to using them. in vallejo and carmen kron 4 news >> we do have the latest on our web site as well sustained june for that we also have a court
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appearance will follow today we have more developing within the next 12 hours we have continuing coverage and kron 4. a quick break as we do a lot of look from north carolina jobs from the outer banks a hurricane earl advances of the eastern seaboard surfers out and water bill is seen to get out in the water when we have working wives. weary have reports of flooding more on that coming up like a pitcher out of the north bay here. a lot of fog at this time morning forecast as
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for 30 8:00 a.m. a couple of life pictures the left-hand side north carolina and into new
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jersey coastline. everybody along the seaboard watching the water as a working girl makes its way north along the coast heading into canada there's our reporter getting in for a live report. they're preparing the shot now we will check periodically. taking a quick check on the market stocks closed with modest gains sliding slightly muted ahead of a closely watched monthly report on unemployment they expect national employment unemployment rate to raise about we had a bit of a rally yesterday for the dow ended up 50 points 10,00320 some good news for homebuyers mortgage rates have fallen to the lowest levels in decades rates have dropped for the 10th time in 11 weeks. the average rate for 30 year fixed loan is down from
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4.36% last week also the average rate on a fixed loan drop to 3.83% we also have new numbers regarding previously owned homes sales numbers increase july up 5.2% from a month ago it is still well below last year's levels sales are down overall 19% from 2009 despite the increase overall home sales are those low in more than a decade. so it's not all good news. the big apple event focused on the ipod but there's also hyper around another product to a reporter has details. >> of bulls big press event the ipod got all the attention but there's another really big announcement made by steve jobs. >> a social network all about music bilge reagan tried to to so you can follow your favorite artist and friends and you can
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discover what music they are talking about listening to and downloading. so rich. his see eye to store right below the store bill read and write in to itunes is a pain. >> pan is free built-in to itunes 10 this is a big deal itunes has 160 million users couldn't even give facebook a run for its money. it is music focus. a truck or your friends like and don't like your recommendations evenfall people or famous musicians lucky lady got a gun has already airplane did this video d.c. do anything post messages upload videos up live pictures a lot like. it can
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be accessed on iphone and i've had it touches. >> we will take a break and be back with more headlines and one moment including the latest from the east coast trucking hurricane earl. more coming up in a moment. a live look at the james lick freeway checking of bright we will be rid
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your high is getting up to 87% rosa 86 and threw the bottle into san francisco 73 today it is see the cool down and affect down to the south bay 90s in
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places like morgan hill los gatos upgrade is for san jose police through mountain view in redwood city. livermore tempter 93. here 7 day around the bay of the bed of a cooling trend so close to fog today maybe even some tomorrow as well temperatures low 90s and '80s by your weekend. '70s around the bay 60s by the cook coast along a more open next week. >> your bay bridge approach still light no problems at the toll plaza or crosses an easy nine minutes from oakland in the san francisco san mateo bridge south nice mood friday like to hear of it stays that way from foster city of minutes from one end to the other of the golden gate bridge still dealing with of golden gate bridge socked and
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you can make out anything hours there if you're amaranth marin county remembered you might run into heavy fog here and there. here drive time shows us 21 minutes from novato interest in francisco more weather and traffic the moment on to other headlines traffic once a sloth they have with you i eighth check gone up over the bay the brentwood police will be conducting sobriety checkpoints chp will be conducting maximum enforcement there will be a squad out in search of impaired drivers and there will be de you my check simplism to enforce daly city and else to rebuild. there is another scorcher yesterday escaping to the coast in search of cooler weather. you're the crowds hitting the beaches. >> inland locations 983 + 8
4:48 am
pages was so welcome relief for around 80 degrees near the boardwalk thursday afternoon a lot of people selling may is just what they're looking for. >> it was hotter two hours ago about 9:00 a.m. to any of that it is here at 130. >> it was really hot so we came to santa cruz. >> were in san jose cooking in the house yesterday so we wanted to beat the heat today. for planning in the water and having a great time. >> it's typically one a better month whether wises said crews, monday cooler weather and even fog may return so these folks will be making the most of the late summer sunshine will they can. in santa cruz kron 4 news. >> and also making headlines a budget budget shortages shortage
4:49 am
forces police to shut down its own place to permit kron 4 dahlin has more on the closure and how might affect >> safety> san carlos city officials voted yes to those sources services the city will closes pleased to permanent save share of the foreign takeover can respond to 91 cars. the quiet quiet city is facing a $3.5 million deficit if the board of supervisors urged greece to the deal sheriffs department is expected to take over october 31st. in san carlos dahlin kron 4 news. public officials for the most part agrees with that. closing of his department through mixer rep reaction from residents >> the minister of all the wheels don't have room please
4:50 am
determine i don't think they will have as many police and the street at the same time the response time and be what is a thing >> i think it's a good thing is sure to determine will take airport heavy brass we have too many supervisors of is determined this replacement don't have enough to do >> some residents say they are cautiously optimistic about the idea they will take a wait-and- see approach here and see how will affect the quality of life there. we will take a break for 40 9:00 a.m. more headlines in a moment also checking n.c. still watching the waters as earl makes its way up the street was lined the upper band already sending waves well inland a few feet of water on some of the
4:51 am
road in north carolina as you can see it's not stopping the surfers vero their turn to catch a big wave.
4:52 am
keeping an eye out on these coast no matter where you are your watching the girl it will make its way north along the coast the outer bands would bring up the surf the servers are owed their even though you don't go in the water when there's are working offshore. you get thrill seekers out there pushing the envelope. the local forecast could morning louisa >> a shot poseidon the james lick clear shot dealing with coastal fog starting to speak
4:53 am
its way in this morning san francisco 57 by noon of our sixties high today 73 be considered fog along the coastline the golden gate bridge stockton. gun along the coastline for the most part we are unclear. current temperatures those i getting to 60 in oakland, hayward 59 still seeing '60s amount you the san jose low 60s. tenney and '60s and '70s but we will warm up as quickly as we have the past couple of days by noontime '80s many locations temperatures topping out in the '90s this afternoon their highs today
4:54 am
dolomite 85 san jose 83, bring an end to the '80s through redwood city p a as well getting to 80 degrees until needed today upper '70s for berkeley and oakland. overall it will be a comfortable forecast for you some inland spots temperatures and upper 90s today and a cooling down into the net low 90s and apparatuses well. 87 for santa clara st. in san jose 90 degrees for cupertino. 7 day around the bay shows a cool off as we head into the weekend in fact i your labor day we could be down into the mid '80s mid- 70s around the bay and mid-60's for the coast. continuing to keep temperatures cool into next week as well in fact it doesn't look like we will get out of the '70s. >> following the beaches kron 4 stan roberts has the dos and don'ts of ocean beach if you
4:55 am
plan on having their tonight. >> ocean beach is one place people gather when the weather gets and why not after all it is the beach. however is important to note there are dos and don'ts. if you enter the beach observe these warning signs they read people swimming and waiting have drowned here never turn your back up from the water. oh is watch the waves. don't leave your child unattended at water rich. this girl is here but the woman with her is here. looking at herself. did you know rip currents can drag you out even if you are certainly waiting in the water. to let your dogs roam free to read wildlife protection
4:56 am
area there 01 if you're entering the area the dog must be in the leash although many are not this diastole of rows and anti dog die spying on them. two more dues through dogged bags in the trash and beer bottles to. after all ocean beach is an alcohol free beach. >> a taller who was spotted of thing that cigarettes you might remember this video. that kid has kicked the habit the taller was smoking 40 cigarettes a day
4:57 am
however the globe reporting his broken his addiction thanks to a 30 day rehab program. if you add to go details of the toddlers progress visit our web site. kron 4 dot com. these coast out of baltimore dishes ocean city maryland the water kicking up some outer bands making their way up the coast into maryland the surf getting a bit squirrely.
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and we are back one minute before five. more developments
5:00 am
in the multiple murder case banning three various cities. today it will search of a landfill as one man frederick remains missing. ahead no more san carlos police we will tell you why the city will be covered without that department and wyeth got the ax. flooding the outer banks of north carolina as the hurricane passes through the latest live pictures in a moment. following our local fast third test of the to that first we have a lot of fog around the coast. >> in fact is to take a look at the fog trucker shows or the father is this morning to sing along the coast of the golden gate bridge getting some of its san rafael as long it up into the north bay we see pockets truth when raise pushing inland appeared for the most partisan on the coast find faults were clear conditions out there
5:01 am
current temperatures 57% for this vote 60 degrees in oakland upper 50s for hayward 64 fremont by about 10:00 warming it up into the '60s and '70s it will be slower to warm today getting up into the 80s by about noontime high temperatures topping out in the '90s. here's a look and the numbers getting to 87 degrees and said rosa 89 in sonoma over to vallejo 83 down from o'malley ladies and temperatures 73 degrees. 82 for san mateo 85 rid with city police bay '80s for across-the- board you might see some 72 per readings through berkeley oakland 793 richmond and through all mud creek tempters low 90s 95 san ramon and pittsburgh of brady's today than into the south bay temperatures around 84
5:02 am
for mt. view 87 san jose 9414 l los gatos and morgan how 7 day around the bay shows continued decline in temperatures of about sunday we will get into the '80s for inland spots '70s renovate '60s for the coast and reared liberty of will be cooler freer liberty of the pleasant will continue to cool it off by your tuesday >> following traffic we have bay bridge approach salicylate no problems make your way through the tall boy gapes chp has been out there they have not accidents on our logs nine minutes from the mes into the city the san mateo bridge giving this lot and a slew of friday lengthy commute traffic your westbound direction commute direction from hayward to foster city good time here lashup for the golden gate bridge seeing
5:03 am
fog as loses been talking about him full of have led south out of orange county nothing slow you down thinks of a fog if you make a good time 21 minutes from our 37 down and to see this morning weather and traffic moment the latest developing story multiple murder investigation they plan to search the landfill in pittsburgh with a net indicator on the math it's an expert on bailey road is not known how this landfill may be connected with donald researches on for frederick salad maybe they're looking for him here. the man at the center of the investigation photograph efren valdemoro he was shot and killed by chp officers tuesday night after basically leaving them on a high-speed chase they believe efren valdemoro killed ricardo
5:04 am
cells after an altercation. >> kron fours argued please report it reveals to tell about the fight between these three men. police believe efren valdemoro was the victim because of a black eye for riccardo said efren valdemoro or attack them first. after riccardo confronted efren valdemoro about a letter he wrote to a 73 year-old you're telling instead of his relationship with cindy tran >> your new details about efren valdemoro and cindy tran. cindy tran was found dead in efren valdemoro car. she may have told police her life was in danger she told cordially police about her fear hours before she was
5:05 am
strangled to death. >> police officers did releaser that day she was on her way to work we had issues that we are looking for the suspect at that time i'm not sure i can't really speculate as far as what was said during those meetings or how your concerns for the safety. >> there will be of a jewel to nine outside the beauty salon where she worked. mr. de france clients and co-workers left doors floors at the doorstep. dividual will be at the slot at 7:00 p.m.. the elizabeth mcfadden 1/5 of one of the ladies bodies of was found in the home will be in court on explosive charges. explosives were found in his own or the bodies were discovered. to the
5:06 am
tune to kron 4 will have more is this story develops. keep in tune for the latest ordered we're following authorities near redwood shores will remove a plane crash along three people including the finder founder of the bay area's steel company. it crashed yesterday in a shallow lagoon the pilot killed in the crash the plane went down north of the oracle campus the recovery effort has been hampered because of fuel leaking from the plant plane and contamination in the lagoon they're taking their time taking every precaution to make sure the rescuers are safe and all the workers are safe. 92 year-old bob which a conceit here in this photograph founded steel company back in 1954 again it is confirmed he was killed in
5:07 am
the crash. 5:06 a.m. headlines coming up in a moment a live look aside as we go and a quick check the new drive. but what can roll we have. no we will have a camera coming up on the in other side of this break. their pictures of the eastern coastline making role making his way up the coast.
5:08 am
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:09 a.m. parts of virginia feeling hurricane earl strength making its way along the eastern coast 105 mi. an hour winds. all when being picked up 105 mi. an hour winds. categoric to whins. it went past north carolina this morning. all of this being felt pictures out of negs said north carolina. these are the earliest images. >> feeling strong wind and
5:11 am
halting rain that's just a taste of what these coast is going to experience or the day. >> bridge in rain started stocking these coast late thursday. first hurricane earlier site director len short. is not expected to make landfall until canada but along the eastern seaboard hurricane watches and warnings were in effect days before the storm appeared n.c. declared a state of emergency. there are 80 national guard's 150 more on standby. local businesses are taking a beating economically. labor day is our busiest weekend or the last of our weekends. so it's hard. hours before the approach during servers to the bench of the waves which are expected to serve s surged as the store to
5:12 am
close by. that of school so mix a good. not excited about the wind and rain event of a bomber. president barack obama will keep a watchful eye on the hurricane and any damage. north carolina sander and joe. >> miami international airport back open after evacuation of six concourses and airport screener saw something suspicious in a checked bag balm squads scare our the airport they geared detain one person passengers were evacuated last night just as a caution it is reopened to this morning. will take a break and be back with more in a minute and see what we have outside san mateo bridge traffic building but still moving at the limit. we will be right back.
5:13 am
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stock futures flood a little to the plus side but really flat as investors pulled back. analysts do think jobless rate will raise from 9.5 to 9.6% on a business friend word that gm will trade shares on november 18th. shares of take to raleigh to 13% after the for respect for it profits campbell soup will report quarterly profits appearereport. hurricane earl mg its way up the eastern see what this is new jersey. virginia all the way to the canadian border people brazen to large waves
5:17 am
hurricane earl still packing and a good punch. it is that category to right now. we will follow that. taking a look at the local forecast. >> changes in a local forecast that is because we are getting cooler temperatures outside really dark shadow of their from our camera this morning it is clear about we are seeing coastal fog working its way in through the day taking a look at our graphics and francisco 56 by noon 68 year high today 73 back down to 55 by 8:00 p.m. so we are dealing with some fog or satellite picture shows that off the coast starting to see it squeaking and for the golden gate bridge and this bridge and san rafael bridge through point reyes of been the north bay as well protectors' '50s 56461
5:18 am
through concord 61 for mountain view and san jose as well livermore 64 and 10:00 p.m. '70s and the pictures starting to warm up by noontime '80s high temperatures today all the red showing all the '90s. '90s but the low 90s today and some will warmer spots proper ladies through center rows of ron of parks and sonoma as well vallejo coming in at 83 along the peninsula cool along the coast warm response 72 about 73 in san francisco today or berkeley upper 70's 80's through castro valley from hayward and on as well san ramon valley tempters mid-90s 95 for danville san ramon and down and the south bay tempters coming in the 80s and low 90s in place like morgan hill and campbell. your 7 day around bay shows as cooling off
5:19 am
as we head into the weekend by monday your labor day we will be in the '80s '70s run bay '60s for the coast continuing to cool off next week. >> a shot of 1 01 in millbrae right by sfo traffic moving well in both directions no word of any problems along anywhere on the peninsula breezy read this morning following commute in the south bay 1 01 san with they do we have traffic building in the northbound direction lot of tillites but you are moving well still green and and 50 mi. an hour. although the volume is building it is moving. james look for a way of a southbound 101 the lights moving already shaky were to assess s f o tale once headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. more weather and traffic the moment.
5:20 am
budget shortages is forcing san carlos to shut down last permanent they will rely on the sheriff's department to cover police duties dahlin has been following this story and how this will affect public safety. >> they voted yes in this city will close its place to carmen and have the sheriff's department takeover to respond to 91 calls san carlos is doing this to save money the quiet city is facing a deficit this fiscal year border supervisor gregory's the sheriff's department will takeover october 31st in san carlos dahlin kron 4 news. we are >> expected to learn more about andrew this is the latest month shot of him he is in oakland to suspected of shooting to aunt
5:21 am
young last friday he is charge with 10 felonies he could face life in prison if convicted two suspects in the deaths of a man who's the composite body was fond in fremont last week are still large share of officials asking for help finding 62 year- old man well, and 47 year-old mohammed khan. they are considered all armed and dangerous more on the gulf oil spill. bp says costs in the spill has topped $8 billion net includes 399 million to settle claims they all said says 4000 vessels are still engaged in responding to this bill bp says
5:22 am
no oil has slowed since the walls capped. all 13 workers aboard the rain yesterday have been rescued none of them sustained any major injuries that is good news costars is no oil leaked into the gulf. this after initial reports of an oil sheen had spread. no oil in the water the company's operating a red says the cause is still unknown seven production wells on that platform had just been shut down before fire broke out. more headlines coming up in a moment the latest on others will holiday weekend coming up find out what the forecast as a store change your program lineup tonight be aware the giants game since he launched a line to an inherent 8:00 p.m. will fall that with the news at 10:00 p.m. dr.phil can d.c. yet to an p.m.
5:23 am
will be back. á
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lahore months -highway system coming onshore hurricane earl driving does as it heads the power outages being reported the latest in a moment. if you fight to sleep in the middle of the night,
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headache, dizziness, and morning drowsiness. stop fighting with your sleep. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. get lunesta for a co-pay as low as zero dollars at discover a restful lunesta night. welcome back and shot of the james lick we are seen fog through the golden gate bridge this morning cool than expected for today and as we head towards your labor day it will be cooler as well. still keeping it comfortable out there maybe not each other by labor day forecast for you heading into your monday we will get up to about 73 in san francisco for labor day san jose laurier's o'clock will weather in san jose 86 in livermore partly cloudy and then to the evening we could see some
5:31 am
fog rolling in starting to see from this morning just along the coast inching towards the coast line this morning it and see it through the sunset pushing and through golden gate bridge have no bay as well and wrapping around the coast. current temperatures 56 for san francisco 59 through a word through the afternoon we will warming up and the '70s by the 10:00 are as we head towards noon time a mixture of haiti's baby vinson '90s but not warming up as quickly as we were yesterday keeping 90s by 3:00 p.m. getting into the upper 80s resent rosa cinema 80 or 80 is a san rafael mill valley 83 galagos 73 into san francisco 83 the coast and into 85 redwood city or to the spade temperatures topping out cover '70s and '80s as well. 84 into
5:32 am
fremont and for the san ramon valley temperatures in in the mid-90s 93 for livermore. it will be warm inland with those temperatures in the '90s 84 for mountain view 87 san jose low 90s through los gatos and morgan help. 7 day around the bay which does show the temperature starting to drop down each day towards the end of the week. everybody says why couldn't you've slipped it given us the hot weather on labor day and cooler weather before but it does not work that way. >> keeping you updated on your holiday weekend forecast appeared bridge check for you make your way westbound 80 toward the toll plaza there is no back up to the tollgates no issues on the stand. nine minutes from the maze to the city. san mateo bridge westbound direction on the right hand side
5:33 am
traffic from hayward to foster city 12 minutes across the span. golden gate bridge this is where we see most the fog is really hugging the coast coming through the gay soldier traveling through during county just be careful you may hit heavy fog here in their otherwise nearly slowing you down. drive time of 21 minutes for highway 37 down to san francisco this morning. more that weather and traffic a moment developing stories multiple murder investigation. this morning authorities plan to search a landfill in pittsburgh it is located here offer of bailey wrote. the connection has not been confirmed by police we do know they are still looking for fred what frederick sales. the trash from his home is deposited at this landfill so they're looking to see if there may be evidence there may find
5:34 am
here. we have a picture of the man at the center the investigation appeared he was shot and killed by chp tuesday night after a high-speed chase police believe he killed 73 year-old sales. two women were found dead earlier this week rita and carol smart. >> autopsies are under way on the bodies of these two women. whose badly decomposed bodies were found tuesday in allen's home appeared the murder investigation is focusing on two men one is efren valdemoro was shot and killed by chp officers earlier this week. he is also suspected in the murder of his girlfriend cindy tran and her
5:35 am
roommates ricardo sales. then the person. charles. >> try and figure out what charleses had to do with, spirit he is in jail on charges of possession of explosive chemicals. >> when police discovered the bodies they discovered these chemicals in the home chemicals they say are used to make explosives. >> they located a container which was labeled depleted uranium they are not sure what is there they have to analyze it they can't confirm or deny if that is what it was. >> for these chemicals came from is still unknown he works for the aerospace defense contractor.
5:36 am
>> after his work place to look at the adams does not believe they are from the business beard >> to mysteries tied to the stall one who killed the women whose bodies were found here and to who is responsible for those chemicals were found and what was the person's intent in regard to using them. in vallejo kron 4 news >> the husband of one of the women whose bodies was found in that home charleses expected to appear in court those materials were found it natural as income and said where the bodies were found. we will follow this there is a visual today outside the be salon where cindy tran worked. friends clients and co-workers left flowers at the doorstep of this lawn tonight a vigil will be held there at 7:00 p.m.
5:37 am
state to and for continuing our bridge on this ever evolving story. investigators also trying to recover in a plane that crashed yesterday three people killed in that crash including the founder of the eight auto steel company a woman's body was recovered yesterday morning to other bodies still trapped under the wreckage as of yesterday afternoon there recovery act was delayed because of contamination in the water there was a sewage spill last week the worry about coli still a threat investigators are required to be there is what appeared will take a break more headlines straight ahead as close side alive look from the east coast of the new jersey we have watterson turning up by hurricane are ñóñóóó?i6
5:38 am
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5:41 am
back alive look get out of the south bay 101 showing you traffic building but still moving ok no backups are delays to report at this hour current temperatures 62 degrees 87 this afternoon: them we had yesterday we will cool it off even more as we head into saturday and sunday and monday. the labor day forecast going to be chilly depending on where you are. a closer look in a moment. following headlines mexico soldiers killed 25 suspected drug cartel members and their rared raid near the u.s. border. three people believed to be kidnapped victims were rescued the rain comes after the support of the state of the nation address. north korea has
5:42 am
issued more threats against u.s. and south korea whose hold joint into a submarine exercises this weekend the drill is a sort show force against north which is accused of sinking warship the north denies and in fact they will deal a merciless blow. that, of northridge. farley recalling cars for 58 italian model after five of the super cars caught fire. its stems from a glue that can leak into the exhaust and the thing go up in flames. five incidents in california paris switzerland and china a cylinder for re has a top speed of 200 mi. an hour and
5:43 am
cost more than a quarter of a million dollars. 5:42 a.m. back with more right headlines in a moment. a live look of our eastbound and westbound 80 commute on the shot looking through the s curve traffic moving well look at forecast coming up the labor day weekend little cool full details straight ahead. fz
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
we are back at 5:45 a.m. to begin weather stories hurricane earl making its way of the seaboard to north carolina making its way to can and that every step along the way bracing for those are live pictures out of maryland on the right-hand side live video coming out of north carolina out there on the outer banks. i serve expected hurricane winds been reported
5:47 am
under miles an hour reports of flooding and power outage in north carolina. one of the first dates to see the effects. following our local forecasts forecast as well we are headed into a holiday weekend and will be a bit cooler. >> a lot of folks are complaining about the cool down toward labor day is not good to be too bad though keeping temperatures add about average. san mateo shot clear shot for you a bit of fog this morning hugging the coast san mateo 57 degrees by noontime 78 year highs today about 82% pretty comfortable in san mateo today 74 degrees by the o'clock hour here's a look aside your labor day forecast an idea of what to expect san francisco's temperatures 73 degrees partly cloudy maybe even some fog by 8:00 p.m. for san jose looks like we may get into the '80s
5:48 am
the low 80s not too bad the san jose partly cloudy and livermore 86 degrees. here's a look that satellite for the most part that fog is sticking along the coast but we have seen dense fog along the golden gate bridge which saw pockets through richmond san rafael bridge as well. now seeing inching way towards 1013 peddle a mock current temperatures outside still a '50s 56 for san francisco 64 fremont through the day we will warming up through the '70s by noontime '80s may be the '90s out there we will talk it out in the '90s. here's a 7 day around bay showing us we will get up to about 93 for the warm response to a 77 for the bay opera '60s for the coast done exactly beach whether it will cool it off each day torture labor day to labor day back down to edie's '60s for the
5:49 am
coast. >> a quick check on bridges golden gate bridge stockton with fog not slowing down those traffic still making good time you could see some heavy batches of its of keep that in mind. 21 minutes from nevada to san francisco. following the south bay traffic bald volume building but moving okayed no incidents or accidents in the south bay appeared one last shot james lick freeway headlights of bound towards the peninsula sfo last check moving well as you can see a lot of gaps between cars. no problems and into the lower deck. unemployment rate rose for the first time in four months that news just been so we are at 9.6% up from ninth with five in july analysts saying
5:50 am
wheat firing was not enough to keep pace with a large increase the number of work people looking for work. the net total of 67,000 new jobs last month but more than half million resumed their job searches in august which group they jobless rate. the opening bell will ring in 35 minutes from now. law enforcement will be on lookout for drunk drivers. and brent ward please will conduct a sobriety checks california highway patrol will conduct maximum enforcement's inferences " will send out six officers on motorcycles a squad of looking for a third drivers and we will see check pointing clouds pleasanton dallas city and elsewhere rid of and a host of other places as well. san carlos police are is no more. the city
5:51 am
council voted to disband the police force in contract a note to the sheriff's department the council hopes to save $2 million with this move without sacrificing public safety. provisions to guarantee jobs without loss of pay or benefits for the san carlos police officers appeared it will be rehired with the san mateo sheriff's department saying carlows please determine will be a sheriffs department substation. bill residents has been overcharged hundreds of thousands of dollars a sore feet. an audit by the state controller said property owners pay overpaid after soaring fees were increased 2007 without voter approval some people were paying two and a half times the allowable maximum right. this
5:52 am
comes just after it found out they some state officials aren't massive sellers. more headlines in a moment a program reminder tonight nbc will be caring giants game so he liked the line you have to tune here to catch it we will have added a p.m. following that up with kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. w w e moves to saturday night will be right back
5:53 am
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5:56 am
just in time for labor day weekends dan roberts reminds us about the dos and don'ts on a least one bay area beach. >> ocean beach in san francisco is one place people gather when the weather gets warm. and why not after all it is the beach. however it is important to note there is dos and don'ts if you plan to out visit ocean beach. before you enter observe these warning time signs they rape people swimming in waiting has drowned here never turn your back to the water even if you think you are disabled of distance. always watch the waves. do not leave your child unattended at water's edge. the child is here but the woman with her is over here talking on herself. rick current could drag you out even if you are waiting in the water. this is dave he is
5:57 am
a surfer. he had says he has rescued over 10 people do to rip tektites and some were just waiting you let your dog to run for rfree. the other side ratesu are leaving the protection area. so if you're entering your dog must be on a leash. although many are not. this man asked me if i was then inside dog spates spice of videotaping him i assured him i was not but that tells me and many dog owners know better they just choose to ignore the environment and federal law. to reduce do through the dog bags in the trash and the same for your beer bottles to ocean beach is supposed to be backed up alcohol free beach. incidences go kron 4 news. >> a live picture of another
5:58 am
beach jersey shore hurricane earl the latest on this coming up power outages and flooding are reported.
5:59 am
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